The courts need to be resurfaced every 5 years, but there is a maintenance plan that needs to be followed.

  • Sweep the surface regularly with a soft bristle broom to remove dirt.
  • Use a hose to rinse the surfaces with water once a month and broom afterwards.
  • After raining sweep the surfaces to make sure that no water is left behind.
  • Keep the perimeter around the court surfaces clean.
  • Use the correct shoes on the surfaces.
  • No sharp object like tables, chairs, bicycles, motorbikes, roller blades, skate boards, etc. is allowed on the surfaces.
  • Remove overhanging tree branches to avoid shade on the surfaces.

(Shade helps with fungi growth)

  • Tree roots can damage the court surface.
  • A perimeter root barrier around the surfaces or fencing is recommended.
  • In the perimeter around the surfaces, use weed killer for weeds and grass.
  • Apply white grease to the tennis net winder.
  • Secure the fencing mesh to the posts with straining wire on a regular basis.
  • Give the tennis net slack when not playing for extended periods, to reduce the effects of high tension.

If the above is applied, the life time of the court will be extended to a maximum.